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Night Passages

Made a night passage on Thursday from Portsmouth back to Christchurch. All the boating so far this year had been in daylight hours so it was good to be out in the dark again.

Leaving Portsmouth was the normal hectic experience with the ferries, hovercraft and pilot vessel being joined on this occasion by the Waverley paddle steamer which seemed very busy that day.

Once out of the swashway and into the Solent things started to become quieter and the serious business of identifying the lights of the different buoys could begin. With salm conditions and good visibility we settled into a steady 18 knot pace and made good progress.

The ferry departing Cowes as we went past looked like a block of flats under.....

Date Added - 16-Sep-2011
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Having the right equipment on board your boat and knowing how to use it will be the focus of the Maritime and Coastguard Agencys stand (C110) at this years PSP Southampton Boat Show.

Last year Her Majestys Coastguard responded to over 22,000 incidents. The Coastguards primary aim is the saving and preservation of life and this includes giving advice to people to prevent them from getting into life-threatening situations in the first instance.

During the show Coastguard Officers will be presenting three clinics at the Live Theatre in the Solent Hall about communications equipment on Wednesday 21 September at 4:40pm, Saturday 24 September at 2:15pm and Sunday 25 September at 4:25pm. The clinics will cover:
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