Lobster Pots lead to two RNLI rescues

Mudeford RNLI assist motor cruiser caught on pot buoy rope

The volunteer crew of Mudeford RNLI's Atlantic inshore lifeboat Mudeford Servant have assisted a 26-foot motor cruiser that was entangled in a pot buoy marker rope.

The Mudeford RNLI lifeboat was launched after a call was received from the motor cruiser All In, to report it was entangled on one of the local fisherman’s lobster pot buoys. The motor cruiser had gone out to sea off Hengistbury Head and had gone past a buoy, but unfortunately the propeller got caught on the rope of the buoy.

Fortunately the crew of the motorboat had a VHF radio and called for assistance. Mudeford lifeboat reached the casualty in a speedy four minutes and Dominic Rogers, one of the RNLI crew volunteers jumped into the water and freed them.

Pete Dadds, RNLI Helm at Mudeford, said after checking there was no damage done, the motor cruiser chose to stay at sea:

'After ensuring the crew were alright and the boat was sound, I asked them if they would they like a tow back to Mudeford, but they decided to stay at sea for a while.'

The buoy happened to be that of one of Pete Dadds (also a local fisherman) who then went to recover the buoy that was floating out to sea to ensure the safety of other people.

All of the people on the casualty vessel were local and wearing lifejackets and had a VHF radio. Two of the charity's sea safety tips include a plea to always wear a lifejacket as it may save your life, and to carry a means of calling for help

Howth RNLI Rescue Stranded Powerboat

Howth Lifeboat went to the aid of a stranded 42 ft powerboat off the nose of Howth last night. The powerboat's engine had failed after the craft's propeller became entangled in a Lobster pot.

The Voluntary Lifeboat crew had some difficulty in freeing the failed powerboat as they battled against a rising tide and strong southerly swell. One RNLI volunteer transferred over to the powerboat to assist its crew of two. The stricken vessel was then towed safely to Howth Marina.

RNLI voluntary crewmember Dave Howard says:

"The bad weather was against us in this operation, it was lucky for the powerboat crew that our All Weather Lifeboat has the capability to tow boats of that size, and that we are ready and prepared for such rescues 24 hours a day"

The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea. It is funded entirely by voluntary contributions. RNLI Christmas cards are now available from local outlets. Please support your local Lifeboat by buying early and often.

Laura Roche, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer
Debbie Doe, Volunteer Lifeboat Press Officer

Date Added - 10-Nov-2009

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